Zaheer Iqbal: Every year after Eid namaz, I visit Good Luck restaurant for lunch with friends | Hindi Movie News


Zaheer Iqbal is looking forward to a big Eid celebration with his whole family this year and it involves prayers, lots of good food, bonding with cousins. Revealing his Eid ritual, the actor reveals, “Every year I go to Eid namaz in the morning with my dad, then I meet up with some friends of mine and have a first meal in the day after a while at the restaurant. Good Luck in Bandra with chai.

And this year it will be a full party. “My Eid celebration house involves my whole family coming to my house and feasting on delicious biryani and pure kurma. It’s a full house with all the kids and adults, chilling, hanging out and stuffing their faces with food,” says Zaheer.

Ask him about his favorite Eid memory and Zaheer’s jokes: “My favorite Eid memory is at the end of the day, my cousins ​​and I sitting together and counting our Eidi and giving advice to each other on how we should spend the money, because we felt like millionaires with this Eidi.

On the work side, we will soon see Zaheer Iqbal in “Double XL”, sharing the frame with Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi.

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