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Yash, who captured hearts with his charming performance in the “KGF” franchise, has also managed to impress the audience with his personality lately. The ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ actor recently turned down a pan masala and elaichi brand endorsement, which is said to be worth crores. The agency that handles the “KGF” star’s brand endorsements confirmed the same.

Arjun Banerjee, the agency’s Head of Talent and New Business, said in a statement: “I remember when we first became part of the team with Yash and his longtime friend and associate Prashant in March 2020. , we created an informal group for communication and it was named “the storm is coming”, this is the belief that he instilled in us, at a time when no one knew when the filming of KGF2 would end let alone would come out and be a monstrous success.

Later in the statement, Mr Banerjee added that they were ‘extremely careful’ who they partnered with and wanted to give the right kind of message, thus turning down the offer. “At this point, as a team, we only consider long-term partnerships, whether in the form of strategic investments, endorsements or equity transactions. We recently declined a double-digit multi-crore offer from a pan masala brand and we’re going to be extremely careful who we partner with. Given its pan-Indian appeal, we want to take this opportunity to deliver the right kind of message to its fans and followers and invest our time and sweat with brands that have a conscience, like-minded people and want to play the game. long game, just like the man himself,” the note read.

Yash’s ‘conscious’ decision comes days after Bollywood star Akshay Kumar apologized for the harsh backlash he received for endorsing a brand of pan masala.

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