Woman gouges out part of sister’s eye with her teeth in drunken fight in car, police say | American News




A woman allegedly partially bit off her sister’s eye during a drunken fight.

Ashleigh Mason, 26, was intoxicated when she and her brother got into an argument while in a car in Utah, arrest documents show.

Mason grabbed his sister’s hair, pulled her forward and bit her left eye, ripping out part of it.

She then fled and hid in a nearby garden, US officers said.

Local NBC news station KSL TV reported that Mason was “extremely drunk” and was screaming loud enough for neighbors to hear when they found her in Salt Lake City.

Paramedics said the sister’s eye would need plastic surgery to fix it, the channel added.

Police believe the tear duct was torn out, but said they could not initially tell “because of the blood”.

Mason, a New Mexico native, was arrested and detained for aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and intoxication.


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