WHO adviser calls for ‘full and credible investigation’ to find out if COVID is coming from Wuhan lab



Jamie Metzl, a senior member of the Atlantic Council and adviser to the World Health Organization, said on “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday that China appears to be doing all it can to insist that the coronavirus started as a zoonotic virus jumping to humans, rather than a leak or the like sourcing from a virology lab in Wuhan, Hubei province.

INGRAHAM: You say this [WHO-China] report is not credible. For our viewers, why is it highly unlikely that the story unfolded from a bat to a person without any lab involvement?

JAMIE METZL: So there are two points. The first is why it’s not credible: People think it must be a World Health Organization investigation. It’s not. It is not an investigation and the World Health Organization does not. It is an independent committee with their Chinese government counterparts. So all they come up with will be a compromise, a consensus between this committee and the Chinese government.

It is possible that COVID-19 started with a zoonotic jump through animal hosts. It is also possible that it was from an accidental lab leak. There is a lot of evidence that suggests – it’s all circumstantial – that it is a very, very real possibility that the virus originated from horseshoe bats located more than a thousand kilometers from Wuhan, but what Wuhan has is the only level of China. four virology institutes, the world’s largest collection of bat coronavirus that was making a dangerous functional research gain with an irregular safety record and we have this massive cover-up from China that followed.

So nobody or very few know what exactly the story was, but at the very least we need a full and credible investigation exploring all the hypotheses.



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