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WhatsApp wants to use your legal name What this means for you

WhatsApp Payment users in India, here is an important update for you. The instant messaging application has started to identify the “legal” names of users who have activated the Unified payment interface (IPU) payment functionality based on its application. These are the names that appear on users’ bank accounts and may therefore be different from their profile names. “When you use Payments on WhatsApp, other UPI users will be able to see your legal name. This is the same name on your bank account,” WhatsApp says on its FAQs page. These names will also be shown to the person to whom a user transfers money or makes a payment. WhatsApp has started showing users WhatsApp payment notification in its app regarding the same. The notification contains the link to WhatsApp’s FAQ page detailing the legal name requirement.

What is behind this requirement
WhatsApp says legal name requirement is in line with National Payments Company India (NPCI

) guidelines. The goal is to reduce fraud in the UPI payment system.

How will WhatsApp know the “legal name” of users
The Facebook-owned company says it uses the phone number associated with users’ WhatsApp account to identify their bank account number. The name associated with the bank account is the name that will be shared. “When you use Payments on WhatsApp, other UPI users will be able to see your legal name. This is the same name on your bank account,” the FAQ page says.

WhatsApp gives users the option to choose any name of up to 25 characters on the app as their profile name. Users can also add emojis to their profile name. However, the new requirement requires users of its payment service to share their names according to their bank accounts when signing up for the WhatsApp payment feature.

WhatsApp Payments in India
WhatsApp is working to grow adoption of its payment service in the country. WhatsApp Payments launched in beta in India in 2018. The service came out of beta in November 2020. Last month, WhatsApp received NPCI approval to expand the service to 100 million users. The company also recently started offering cashback to users.

Globally, WhatsApp Payments is available in limited countries (India and Brazil) and on specific devices. WhatsApp users can send and receive money to and from friends and family using the service. The company plans to expand it to enterprises in the near future.


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Lay it all out and give these scammers carte blanche to plunder your hard-earned cash. To be frank, I will never use this payment system via WhatsApp or Facebook.


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