West Ham investigating incident after fans allegedly attacked German commentators live


Tim Brockmeier and Philipp Hofmeister, working for German broadcaster Hessischer Runfunk, said their helmets were ripped off and they were physically attacked by West Ham fans after Michail Antonio equalized for the hosts in the first half .

The pair said West Ham fans sat directly behind them and were angered by the loud applause as Frankfurt took the lead within the first minute of the game.

The incident was filmed live.

“We are being attacked from behind by the England fans, which is why we were unfortunately out for a short time,” Hofmeister said on the show.

“So we’re being attacked from behind. And our colleague Tim has just had his helmet knocked to the ground, so we really have to be a bit careful what we’re doing here.”

West Ham told CNN it has identified two offenders and is continuing to investigate.

“In line with our zero tolerance approach, details of the offenders have also been passed to the police, who will now carry out their own investigation,” a West Ham spokesperson said.

“If the offenders are found guilty, they will be banned indefinitely and will not be permitted to enter the London Stadium or travel with the club. Behavior of this sort is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at West Ham United. “

CNN has contacted the Metropolitan Police in London but has not yet received a response.

Commentators then thanked members of West Ham’s media department who moved them to a new seat at half-time.

“First of all, I’m sorry for all of you who might be used to a different performance than ours,” Brockmeier added on the show, after they were moved.

“We were hoping to deliver in the first half, but if you constantly feel like something might come from behind, a punch or another blow or maybe something worse, then you’re not free and can’t concentrate on the game.”

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later hofmeister tweeted Thursday night: “We are doing well. Best wishes to all West Ham supporters who love football and respect their opponents.”

Gabriele Holzner, program director of Hessischer Rundfunk, also condemned the attack on his reporters.

“A football stadium is not a lawless space,” Holzner said in a statement to CNN.

“We expect the host club to ensure a safe environment for all journalists, including those of the visiting team, so that they can do their job without fear of aggression.

“Punch and physical violence are not tolerable under any circumstances.”

Eintracht Frankfurt told CNN the attack was “completely unacceptable, even under the emotional circumstances”.

A club spokesman added: “The incidents require careful analysis, which will be carried out by host club West Ham United. This has been assured to us by the club.”

West Ham eventually lost the first leg 2-1, with the second leg scheduled for May 5 in Germany.

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