US to send troops to evacuate personnel in Afghanistan



By sending 3,000 additional troops to Afghanistan to help with the departure of diplomats and possible evacuations, the United States will now have more troops in the country than it originally had when it began its withdrawal, a CNN’s Nick Patton Walsh reported Thursday.

“So we are in this extraordinary period of two to three weeks. Because they will be leaving at the end of August as part of the plan in which the Americans can send a large number of troops, obviously with air cover and facilitators to protect themselves. So basically establishing a military presence in Kabul, ”Patton Walsh told CNN’s Julia Chatterly.

He continued: “This will undoubtedly have an impact on some of the neighboring buildings in the areas, providing some security cover for many important parts of Kabul. And frankly, an important warning sign for the Taliban to stay in. withdrawal from the capital. Not that at this point they seem to be approaching so quickly. to the people he wants to see under his special immigrant visa program, to those who have worked with the Americans . And then will have to … go again. So that’s an amazing decision to make and would probably be an amazing visual, frankly, when it comes to the road at the end of the month. “

Patton Walsh also explained the breathtaking terrain the Taliban were able to conquer, now controlling 12 provincial capitals, including the country’s third largest city, Herat, as well as the city of Ghazni.

“The situation is frankly dire. Within a week, we saw at least a third of the main cities in Kabul fall into the hands of the Taliban. No one thought the advance would be so rapid,” he said.

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