US Open: Bryson DeChambeau bombs Brooks Koepka interview


Since Koepka’s reaction to DeChambeau walking behind him in last month’s PGA Championship, the pair have traded beards, though they have both since said they believe their rivalry is good for golf.

And just when we thought golf in the third major tournament of the season could take center stage in Thursday’s opening round at Torrey Pines, DeChambeua upped the bet.

After Koepka’s first round at under 69, Koepka was preparing for his post-tour interview with Todd Lewis for Golf Channel.

However, unbeknownst to him, DeChambeau was walking behind him just out of reach, this time walking on the grass so he wouldn’t make any noise.

But, DeChambeau – dressed in his usual white hat – then took the moment to jump up and wave his left arm, which was filmed.

While the May PGA Championship incident that sparked all of this drama was an accident, according to defending US Open winner DeChambeau, this time around he decided to “have fun with it.”

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Koepka hits from the fourth tee in the first round of the US Open.
“It’s one of those things that people think I was doing, I was not doing anything at the PGA Championship,” DeChambeau told the media after his run on Thursday.

“I saw an opportunity and just had fun with it.”

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