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NEW DELHI: The Union Ministry of Defense briefed the media on Sunday on the Center Agnipath recruitment scheme. The briefing followed a meeting held by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh with senior brass from the three services.
Here is an overview of the main highlights of the briefing:
*Additional Secretary to directorate of military affairsarmy corps general Arun Puri, speaking about the new recruiting model, said the reform was long overdue. “We want to bring youth and experience with this reform. Today a lot of jawan are in their thirties and officers are getting command much later than in the past,” he said.
* Lt. Gen. Arun Puri also said that around 17,600 people take early retirement from the three services each year and no one ever asked what they would do after retirement.
*There ‘Mohawk‘ would receive the same allowance in Siachen and other areas that applies to regular soldiers currently serving, Lt. Gen. Arun Puri said, assuring there would be no discrimination against them in terms of service. service.
*He said the ‘Agniveers’ would receive compensation worth Rs 1 crore if they sacrifice his life in the service of the nation.
* “Over the next four to five years, our intake (of troops) will be 50,000 – 60,000 and will be increased to 90,000 – 1 lakh thereafter. We started small at 46,000 to analyze the pattern. .and to build infra capacity,” Lt. Gen. Puri added.
* He went on to say that the number of ‘Agniveers’ will increase to 1.25 lakh in the near future and will not stay at 46,000 which is the current figure.
* Lt. Gen. Puri further said on Sunday that “announcements regarding bookings for ‘Agniveers’ made by the various ministries and departments were pre-planned and not in reaction to the arson attack that occurred after the announcement of the Agnipath program”.
* Air Marshal SK Jha during the briefing said that registration for the first batch of Agniveer will start from June 24 and the first phase of the online exam will start on July 24. He said the first batch would be listed by December. and that training would begin on December 30.
* During the briefing, Lieutenant General Bansi Ponappa said that by the first week of December, the government would obtain the first batch of 25,000 ‘Agniveers’ and the second batch would be inducted around February 2023, bearing the workforce at 40,000.
* Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, meanwhile, said: “From 21 November this year, the first Navy ‘Agniveers’ will start reaching the training establishment, INS Chilka in Odisha. The Agniveers, women and men, are eligible for the.”
* Vice Admiral Tripathi also said that the Indian Navy has 30 female officers currently serving on different Indian Navy vessels. “We have decided that under the Agnipath program we will also recruit women. They will also be deployed on warships,” he said.


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