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NEW DELHI: Abdul Rashid was so upset he found it difficult to express his thoughts eloquently.
It was a different Sunday night after all. Very different from what it has known in its more than five decades of existence.
Because it’s not every Sunday that there was a “google alert” pop-up of his interest while running a fruit shop. But after 5 p.m., Rashid saw a pop-up that told him the news he had been dreaming about for the past two months.

His 21-year-old son, Umran Malik, has been selected in India’s squad for the South African series.
It was no surprise as Umran, after his 21 wickets and propensity to scoff at the speed gun radar, was still in contention. But Rashid still had a hard time expressing his feelings from that moment which is a bit blurry.
“People were just coming in droves to congratulate me. I am now going home and will join in the celebrations. I just saw the news on the internet. What could be a greater achievement than wearing the national colors,” Rashid told PTI on the phone as he rushed to his Gujjar Nagar residence in Jammu.
“He made us all proud with his performance in the IPL and how the whole country rallied behind him, we as a family can only be grateful. Pura desh ke supports mila mere Umran ko,” he said in a voice from which one could gauge the emotions.
Rashid and his wife have had their share of sacrifice pushing Umran to break down barriers, but the father wants no credit.

“Umran had a belief that one day he would succeed. He was confident in his skills and talent and worked hard for it. It is completely his success and also the blessings of the Almighty. argued. I don’t deserve credit for his hard work,” Rashid said.
Umran is the second Jammu and Kashmir cricketer to play for India after Parvez Rasool. While Rasool hails from the valley, Umran is a lad from Jammu, coached by Randhir Singh Manhas and mentored by national team leader Ram Dayal, who also gave him his first cleats.
Manhas had reminded PTI how a 17-year-old Umran casually approached him and asked to allow him to play his nets and the rest is history.
Although not a big player like some of the fast bowlers, Umran possesses a strong lower body, having honed his skills on sandy pitches near the Tawi River.
“His home is near the River Tawi and the adjacent area of ​​the bank is mostly sandy. Umran grew up running on sandy fields and playing cricket throughout his formative years. This has led to a very strong,” Manhas recently told PTI. .
“You won’t find many guys who, at 17, had such fabulous body structure and strength without any training in the gym.”
In fact, his father also spoke about Umran’s endurance.
“Humein apne zubaan se nahi bolna chahiye lekin iska stamina dekhne layak hain ji. Bachpan se, pura din subaah se leke shaam tak khelta rahta thaa. from morning to night).”
For Rashid, Umran’s journey begins now.
“Now I want him to work even harder and perform for the country. He needs to focus on playing for India for a long time.”
He has an affluent fruit shop in the Shaheedi Nagar district of the city and perhaps that is why Rashid never felt that Umran’s love for cricket was a hindrance to his studies as he there is no guarantee.
“He is our only son (apart from two daughters) so we (me and my wife) have always given him lots of love and indulgence. We have never had the slightest apprehension that playing cricket could be risky .
“We always kept Umran happy and never made him realize there were difficulties. Everything he wished for, he got. More than me, my wife is his biggest supporter,” said Rashid said.
For Rashid, wearing the India Blue jersey is a cherished dream and he doesn’t care how the riches of the IPL and the appeal of India could materially change their lives. Their colony of Gujjar Nagar had burst into joy with enthusiastic young people carrying the player’s posters and dancing to the rhythm of the drums.
“We just want him to make the country proud of his performance. Nothing else matters to us.”
There are matches in Delhi, Cuttack, Visakhapatnam, Rajkot and Bengaluru. Would Rashid come to see his son play?
“On the day he makes his debut, his mother and I will be in the stands cheering him on. But please excuse me for now. Umran had told me not to give media interviews,” signed the prudent father.


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