Ukraine War: Vladimir Putin ‘humbles himself on the world stage’, says Liz Truss as she calls on allies to do more for kyiv government | Political news


Foreign Minister Liz Truss said Vladimir Putin was “humble himself on the world stage” as she called on international allies to go “further and faster” to support Ukraine and retain the Russian leader.

Ms Truss urged the other G7 foreign ministers, meeting on Thursday evening, to commit to renewing the wave of sanctions as long as President Putin’s troops remain in Ukraine.

She called on countries to accept that the restrictions remain in place until there is a full withdrawal and an agreed peace, as well as financial and technical assistance to help Ukraine rebuild.

kyiv “set fire to a Russian ship in the Black Sea” – Last war in Ukraine

Meanwhile, the UK argues that Ukraine needs a “clear path” to standard NATO equipment, including the immediate supply of urgently needed artillery shells, as well as the training and expertise of NATO members, and a plan to transition to this equipment by late summer.

The G7 ministers were joined at the meeting in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, by the foreign ministers of Ukraine as well as Moldova – to discuss how they could be supported in the face of aggression Russian, said the British government.

Moldova is on a state of emergency following recent explosions in the country’s breakaway, Russian-backed region of Transnistria, which borders Ukraine.

Ms Truss said: “Putin is humbling himself on the world stage. We must ensure that he faces a defeat in Ukraine that robs him of any advantage and ultimately limits any further aggression.

“To help Ukraine, we need to go further and faster.

“The best long-term security for Ukraine will come from its ability to defend itself. This means providing Ukraine with a clear path to NATO-standard equipment.”

Foreign Minister Liz Truss wants Ukraine to have a clear path to NATO-standard equipment

On Saturday, Ms. Truss is due to travel to Berlin to meet NATO foreign ministers.

It will call on the UK and its allies to develop a “reinforced and modernized” NATO ready to face global threats, the Foreign Office said.

The Foreign Minister’s visit to Germany comes after Boris Johnson traveled Sweden and Finland to sign mutual defense agreements – which would see Britain come to the aid of the countries if they were attacked by Russia.

Less than 24 hours later, Finland’s leaders announced their support for the country join NATO.

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Russia warns of response to Finland’s move

The Nordic country has previously remained neutral for fear of upsetting Russia, with which it shares an 830-mile border.

But public support for joining the Western military alliance has grown since Mr Putin began his attack on Ukraine in February.

The Kremlin reacted to Finland’s decision to join NATO by warning that it would be forced to take “military-technical” retaliatory measures.

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