Trump supporter sues New York City for $ 25 million: ‘They’re trying to silence me’


Michael Wasserman wants to let his freedom steal, but his hometown of Long Beach, New York, doesn’t.

“I believe the city is trying to silence me because I am pro-Trump,” he told the Post.

The 62-year-old entrepreneur has become known in the area for covering his home, as well as his Porsche and Jeep, with a variety of political flags and stickers.

Now he has filed a $ 25 million federal lawsuit – against the city of Long Beach, the police chief, the city manager and specific police officers – after officials forced him to remove the flags from his cars.

The city claims they are in violation of an ordinance stating that “[No] sign must be erected, affixed or maintained within the perimeter of any… public street or public property. Wasserman parks his car on a public road outside his home.


“They bend and massage the prescription to fit the crime,” Wasserman told The Post. “This is a blatant attempt to silence me.”

“They bend and massage the prescription to fit the crime. This is a blatant attempt to silence me.”

– Michael Wasserman

Town attorney Howard M. Miller told The Post: “This is not a political matter. It is not the content of the message. This is where he had it – c ‘is a public road. “

Wasserman – who said police had visited his home several times since March, giving reasons ranging from complaints from neighbors to violation of ordinances – believes he is being targeted for being a conservative.

“[People] spit on me, drive cursing me, ”he said of local residents. Her Porsche, which is decorated with stickers – including a depicting Trump urinating on a CNN logo – is marred by scratches caused by people grabbing her.

But, he said, all the hate only strengthens his resolve.

“If they weren’t trying to cancel me out, I probably wouldn’t be so prolific,” Wasserman told The Post, carrying a legally licensed gun, a $ 400 Kevlar bulletproof vest and a body camera due to of “death notes on my car”. “

“If they weren’t trying to cancel me out, I probably wouldn’t be so prolific.”

– Michael Wasserman

“There is so much vitriol, hatred and anger from [liberals]”, he added.” Aren’t they supposed to include everyone? They are not.”

Lawyer Victor Feraru, a self-proclaimed “liberal Democrat” who said he had been criticized for representing Wasserman, told The Post they were suing on selective enforcement and discrimination grounds.

“We wouldn’t be here if he was sporting a Biden flag,” Feraru said. “It’s … selective targeting for his political ideology.”

A pre-motion hearing is underway and Wasserman’s team expects the defendants to file a motion to dismiss.

“There is so much vitriol, hatred and anger from [liberals]. Are they not meant to include everyone? They are not.”

– Michael Wasserman


A longtime Democrat, Wasserman changed parties in 2004 to vote for George W. Bush. He said he has been flying flags for over a decade, including Tea Party flags, Navy flags, pro-cop flags and the Gadsden (“Don’t tread on me”) flag, which started as anti-British sentiment during the War of Independence. but has become controversial in recent years.

During the Post’s visit on Thursday, he held up “F–- Biden” banners, the profanity of which prompted neighbors to complain to the police. The city admitted in a March 21 statement that “secular language … is considered constitutionally protected.”

But Wasserman will not be arrested.

“I defend my constitutional freedoms,” Wasserman said. “All they’re trying to do is cancel you.”

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