Tokyo Olympics: Novak Djokovic is “a little divided” over participating in the Games



After winning his 20th Grand Slam in the Wimbledon final on Sunday, Novak Djokovic said he was “50-50” when he participated in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Speaking to reporters after beating Matteo Berretini in the turf grand slam, Djokovic said the lack of spectators as well as the strict Covid-19 restrictions weighed on his participation in Tokyo.

“My plan has always been to go to the Olympics, but right now I’m a bit divided,” Djokovic said. “It’s a bit 50-50 because of what I’ve been hearing the last few days.”

On unauthorized spectators, Djokovic added: “Yeah, that’s not good news. It was really disappointing to hear.

“I also hear that there are going to be a lot of restrictions within the [Athletes’] Town. You might not be able to see other athletes playing live.

“I can’t even have my stringer who is a very important part of my team. I am also limited by the number of people I can accommodate in my team. ”

Novak Djokovic kisses the winner's trophy after beating Italy's Matteo Berrettini in their last men's singles match at the 2021 Wimbledon Championships.

Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images

Novak Djokovic kisses the winner’s trophy after beating Italy’s Matteo Berrettini in their last men’s singles match at the 2021 Wimbledon Championships.

LILY: Novak Djokovic wins record 20th Grand Slam title

Having already won the Australian Open and the French Open this year, Djokovic needs the Olympic gold medal and the US Open title to become the first man to win a Golden Slam.

The Olympics are scheduled to begin on July 23.

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