The rocket attack on US troops in Syria left no casualties; the answer hurts at least 1 activist


A rocket attack on US forces in eastern Syria this week left no casualties or injuries, said officials in what some see as retaliatory action following US airstrikes against installations supported by pro-Iranian militias.

Thirty-four 122 mm rockets were fired on Monday evening at the US base at the Omar oil field in Deir Ezzur. The rockets landed around 7:44 p.m. local time, according to Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson Col. Wayne Marotto.

“US forces have the inherent right to self-defense and have responded with counter-battery fire at rocket launch positions and a Hellfire from a drone which left an enemy wounded in combat,” he said. he tweeted.

US airstrike on Iran-backed facilities along Iraq-Syria border kills several militiamen: report

The attack came less than a day after US airstrikes near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

“The selected targets were facilities used by the network of Iran-backed militias responsible for the series of recent attacks on facilities housing US personnel in Iraq,” Pentagon spokesman Navy Cmdr. Jessica McNulty said Monday.


It was the second time the administration had led military action in the region since President Biden took power earlier this year. The Iraqi military condemned the airstrike and the militias called for revenge.

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