‘The Chosen’ describes the interactions of biblical characters with Jesus

'The Chosen' describes the interactions of biblical characters with Jesus

Just in time for Easter, the first season of “The Chosen” airs on Fox Nation, featuring stories and characters viewers will recognize from the Gospels.

The season consists of eight episodes, and by episode seven viewers were introduced to many prominent Biblical characters – such as the diciples of Jesus Simon and Andrew, Matthew the Tax Collector and the Pharisee Nicodemus.

The episode focuses on two key events at the start of Jesus’ ministry: his call from Matthew to be a disciple, and his first nightly encounter with Nicodemus – both events came to life in a way that only the creators of “Les Elected ”can.

In creating the series, American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins chose to dramatize the story of Jesus, adding characters and events that are not found in scripture, but that add depth and cultural context to the stories well. known.


One of those interactions is a visit to Matthew, the tax collector, to see his mother, who the viewer quickly learns he hasn’t seen in some time. His despair at seeing his son, and his refusal to ask him for financial help, clearly illustrates the historical and cultural disregard of tax collectors – who were seen at the time as thefts from Jews.

The show also contextualizes Nicodemus’ first encounter with Jesus, found in John 3. At the beginning of the episode, the show depicts an interaction between Nicodemus and a Roman official, an interaction that is not found in the Bible. , but serves to bring to light the contempt that the Romans had for the “preacher”.

Each episode of “The Chosen”, currently airing on “Fox Nation”, gives viewers an equally unique perspective on the life of Jesus, bringing the characters to life through laughter, friendship and tears.

The show was originally released in December 2019, with Season 1 on Fox Nation last week. Season two is scheduled to air on April 4, Easter Sunday, on the show’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as the show’s standalone streaming app.


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