Sohail Khan – Seema Khan Divorce: ‘I’m single, footless, fancy,’ Seema EXCLUSIVE confirmed to ETimes | Hindi Movie News


Not too long ago, Seema Khan (on her way to being Seema Sajdeh again) spoke to ETimes exclusively about her single status. This afternoon, she was spotted with Sohail Khan, filing for divorce in Mumbai Family Court (Bandra East).

We reproduce what Seema had said to one of our questions. In the highly engaging conversation, Seema had said, “I’m single, footless and cravingless.”

See the video below:

This part of the conversation was exactly like this:

Who goes to a salon or a spa in the blink of an eye?

Bhavana: Sema.

Seems : Waste.

Nelam: Apparently, every time we caught up with you on zoom, you’re always muted because you’re in a salon getting your hair done or your nails done.

Bhavana: Yeah.

Seems : I like to be particular. Yes, but what to do? I have time because I am single, I want to be free and free.

Maheep: Why are you giving an explanation?

Seema and Sohail are about to end their 24-year marriage.

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