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The SNP retained its position as Scotland’s largest party in local elections while Labor propelled the Conservatives to third place.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon told Sky News her party – in government at Holyrood for 15 years – had won the poll “by a mile of country”.

The results showed the SNP in 453 seats, up 22, with Labor up 20 to 282 and the Conservatives down 62 to 214.

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The Liberal Democrats won 20 seats to reach 87 while the Greens added 16 for a total of 35.

For Labor, once dominant north of the border, the price of making gains in Glasgow and regaining its status as the main challenger to the SNP was cause for celebration for leader Anas Sarwar.

He said: ‘It’s been almost a decade and this is the first time we’ve had a happy day for the Scottish Labor Party.

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The Conservatives had enjoyed success in Scotland under former leader Ruth Davidson, but current leader Douglas Ross has now seen the party slip back.

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Mr Ross has come under fire after publicly calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign from partygate before backtracking, citing the need for stability due to the war in Ukraine.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross admitted it had been a difficult night

He admitted to the BBC: “It’s been a tough night and today’s results are very disappointing.”

Mr Ross highlighted gains in Moray and Aberdeenshire, but said in parts of Scotland ‘many of our supporters have decided not to take part in this one, to protest and not to vote’ .

Asked whether Mr Johnson should lead the Tories in the next general election, Mr Ross said: ‘The Prime Minister simply cannot ignore the message being sent by voters not just here in Scotland but across the United Kingdom.”

The results in Scotland came as the Tories also lost notable councils in England – with Wandsworth and Westminster in London falling to Labor and Somerset to the Liberal Democrats – although Labor failed to make gains as well impressive outside the capital.

The Tories also suffered heavy losses in Wales while Labor struggled Blaenau Gwent without overall control.

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