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Thiruvananthapuram: A report by the Intelligence Bureau regarding the security threat of the Idukki Hydropower Project prompted the government to hand over the security of the major dams under the Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd (KSEBL) to the Industrial Security Force of the State (SISF).
On government instructions, SISF conducted a detailed safety audit of 14 dams under various hydropower projects (HEPs) under KSEBL. Government authorization is awaited, after which the security of the dam will be taken over by armed personnel from the SISF.
IB had shared information with the state that the Idukki HEP is one of the vital facilities that requires special security coverage as there may be possible sabotage attempts on the dam which may cost the IB State.
SISF recently conducted detailed audit of Idukki HEP including Idukki Arch Dam, Cheruthoni Gravity Dam, Kallar Dam, Erattayar Dam, Kulamavu Dam, Surge Well of Kulamavu, Kulamavu water intake and Vazhathope settlement. Based on the security audit, SISF proposed that 88 armed personnel could be deployed around the clock for the security of Idukki HEP. This means that 44 people would guard Idukki HEP at a time.
Similarly, safety audits have also been conducted for other HEPs including Kakkad HEP, Seethathode, Pathanamthitta, Idamalayar HEP, Peringalkuthu HEP, Sholayar HEP, Kuttiyadi Augmentation Program including Banasurasagar Dam, Kakkayam, Lower Periyar HEP, Neriamangalam HEP, Sengulam HEP, Panniyar HEP and Pallivasal HEP.
Except for few dams like Idukki Arch Dam, Cheruthoni Gravity Dam, Kulamavu Dam, Lower Periyar HEP, all remaining dams are guarded by private security agency on contractual basis. Even in those guarded by the police, security was deemed insufficient.
Also, the majority of these dams are located inside dense forests or on the outskirts of forests, thus increasing their vulnerability. Lately, the increasing presence of left-wing extremists (LWE) in the forest areas of the state, especially in the northern districts, is a major concern for the state government. The LWE cadres were spotted by the police very close to the Banasurasagar roadblock in Wayanad.
Mullaperiyar Dam, a vital security facility of interest to both Kerala and Tamil Nadu, is guarded by a 124-member police team led by a Deputy Superintendent of Police.


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