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CHANDIGARH: The CBI on Wednesday arrested the daughter of a Himachal Pradesh High Court Judge, Kalyani Singh, in connection with the murder of a gunman and national level lawyer, Sukhmanpreet Singh Sidhu aka Sippy Sidhu.
Kalyani was working in 2015 as an assistant professor at a government college in Chandigarh. Claiming Kalyani’s custody for 10 days, the CBI managed to secure a four-day pre-trial detention to interview him to identify the killers, recover the weapons and vehicle used, and uncover others’ roles in the murder. , which had shaken Chandigarh.
Sippy Sidhu (35) was shot dead in a park in Sector 27 of Chandigarh in September 2015. The CBI claimed that Kalyani had a close relationship with Sippy Sidhu and wanted to marry her, but her family rejected her proposal.
The CBI alleged that Sippy Sidhu leaked objectionable photos to relatives and friends of the accused. Angry and embarrassed, Kalyani allegedly contacted him on his cell phone on the evening of September 18, 2015, asking him to meet her in a park in Sector 27 on September 20, the day he was shot four times with a rifle. 12. The last four digits of the registration number of a Maruti Zen car used by the attackers to flee had been found at the site.
The CBI said evidence showed Kalyani was present with Sippy Sidhu in the park and was seen running away with unknown assailants. The CBI said she was evasive during previous questioning. “She was found to be misleading on the polygraph test on matters related to the murder,” the CBI said.
The CBI investigation concluded that Kalyani, in conspiracy with unknown persons, allegedly murdered Sippy Sidhu. “She was arrested after observing all legal formalities around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday,” the CBI said.
The UT administrator transferred the Sector 26 police case to the CBI on April 13, 2016.
Sippy Sidhu’s family members, Sid, suspected Kalyani from day one and thanked the media for keeping the case alive. “We are very happy and hope that we will get justice now. The CBI has accepted our argument in the murder case,” said Deepinder Kaur Sidhu, mother of Sippy Sidhu,
On the other hand, Kalyani’s lawyers objected to the CBI’s decision to seek a referral on the grounds that the agency had previously filed an untraceable report. “She had previously joined the investigation but nothing incriminating was found against her. an abuse of process,” the defense attorney said. The court allowed the defense attorney to remain present during the investigation at the police station without actively participating or interfering in the process after requesting that she be allowed to meet him while in police custody and that she be allowed to use her own clothes.


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