Siddhanth Kapoor flies out of Bengaluru after being released on bail in a drug abuse case; shares a selfie on board the plane | Hindi Movie News



A day after being released on bail, Siddhanth Kapoor appears to be on his way back to Mumbai. The actor and DJ posed for a selfie aboard a flight, hinting he would be heading home soon.

Kapoor, who was released on bail on Tuesday after being arrested for alleged drug use under the NDPS Act, was called to Bengaluru Ulsoor Police Station for further details. Police called the Bollywood actor for more details about the party which was held at a city hotspot on Friday night.

After participating in a day-long interrogation, Siddhanth made his official statement to the media. He said: “I was at the hotel and there was an investigation going on. I cooperated. The Bengaluru police were really good, they are doing a great job. They should continue what they are doing to save from many lives.”

Siddhanth’s lawyer Praveen Muguli also made his statement to the media. He said: “The alleged offenses are bailable in nature. Yesterday he (Siddhanth) was released on bail. Today he came for a statement. The police took the statement. He will cooperate and he will come for investigative purposes. Whenever he is asked to come, he will join forces with the police.

Police seized the mobile phones of Siddhanth Kapoor and four other defendants who were arrested with him and sent them for data recovery.

The police are also looking at the angle of drug trafficking. The owner of the luxury hotel and the organizers of the rave party have been notified. Representatives of the event organization company are also called upon to be interviewed.

Police said medical tests confirmed the use of cocaine by Siddhanth Kapoor and the other defendants.


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