Siblings taking selfies capture lightning moment in England


Three English siblings were struck by lightning on Monday and captured the hellish scene in a stunning selfie photo.

The Jobsons – Rachel, Isobel and Andrew – escaped with just burns and a short hospital stay after being zapped while standing under a tree during a storm on East Molesey, they said at the BBC.

The trio had stopped for a bathroom break while biking to see their aunt when they first took a selfie of them smiling.

“We wanted a sad picture in the rain then,” Isobel, 23, told the outlet.

“All of a sudden I was on the ground and couldn’t hear anything except this high-pitched buzz,” she said.

Rachel said she suffered thigh and stomach burns and temporarily lost sensation in her arm.

“I was on the ground. I felt disjointed. My sister and I were screaming,” Rachel said.


The siblings were taken to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, where they were treated and released hours later, according to the report.

Isobel had a titanium plate surgically implanted in her arm after a bicycle accident last year, and the family learned that the metal may have attracted electricity.

“My sister’s arm was very hot from the plate. Everyone was amazed at what had happened to us,” Rachel told the store.

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