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PRIYAGRAJ: In a bizarre development, an order assigning daily duties to as many as seven veterinarians for a week to attend to a sick cow at the district magistrate’s residence in Fatehpur was issued by the veterinarian’s office in chief.
The order, issued Thursday, June 9, was recalled the next day. However, a copy of the order went viral on social media on Sunday. DM Apurva Dubey called the incident a conspiracy against her.
The official letter signed by the incumbent Chief Veterinarian, Dr. SK Tiwari, dated June 9, had requested seven district veterinarians to attend to the Fatehpur DM cow suffering from mastitis.
The veterinarians, stationed at Bhitaura, Erayan, Ukathu, Ghazipur, Malwa, Asothar and Haswa, were asked to examine the sick cow twice a day, morning and evening, and submit a report to the chief veterinarian daily.


The letter also stated that if an on-call vet took leave, the veterinarian on duty in Damapur would replace him and “no laxity would be tolerated”.
However, in a signed clarification released on Sunday, DM Dubey said she never requested services and alleged the officiating CVO issued the letter arbitrarily.
“Had I been implicated or requested, a copy of the letter or order issued would have been marked to me as per protocol,” she added.
When the despatch letter records were checked, the officiating CVO had issued order (letter) number 544 on June 9 and canceled it through entry no. 545 dated June 10, indicating indiscipline and conspiracy, she said.
“I have been working in Fatehpur for a year and a half and constantly monitor straw collection, water arrangements and adequate medical assistance at cow sheds in summer and found laxity on the part of CVO and the Deputy CVO and I have already written to seniors recommending action against them,” the deputy minister added.
When TOI contacted the Chief Veterinarian (Fatehpur), Dr RD Ahirwar, he said, “I have been on leave since May 28 and my deputy, Dr SK Tiwari, is officiating.”
Ahirwar claimed he had no idea about the letter signed by his deputy which went viral on social media. Repeated calls to Dr SK Tewari went unanswered.


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