Senator Josh Hawley calls on Fauci to step down and a full investigation into the origins of COVID-19



Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Has called on government epidemiologist Anthony Fauci to step down from his post amid revelations about emails sent by Fauci at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. He also called for a congressional investigation into the origins of the virus.

“The emails and investigative reports recently released by Anthony Fauci into the origins of # COVID19 are shocking,” Hawley tweeted Friday, adding: “The time has come for Fauci to step down and a full congressional investigation on the origins of # COVID19 – and on all efforts to prevent full accounting.

“The public deserves to know if people in the US government have tried to stop a full investigation into the origins of #COVID, as was recently reported,” continued the Missouri Republican. “And Congress must also find out to what extent Fauci’s NIAID has been involved in funding research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Buzzfeed has obtained and posted thousands of emails from Fauci since the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic this week, some of which sparked outrage for a variety of reasons. A cluster of emails appear to show Fauci’s opposition to wearing the mask at the start of the pandemic, which was consistent with his public statements, before he and other public health officials reversed that position .


Other emails, however, indicated that the possibility that the COVID-19 virus had leaked from a Chinese laboratory had been raised for Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as early as January 2020. , and that he and a few other leading scientists took this possibility seriously.

Nonetheless, Fauci, other public health experts, and numerous media outlets strongly rejected the possibility that the virus had leaked from a lab, even though Fox News reported in April 2020 that at least some members of the U.S. intelligence community. thought a lab leak was more likely than other theories.

The expert who voiced concerns to Fauci about the lab leaks on Jan.31, Kristian G. Andersen, later said he was quite sure the virus had not been artificially altered after it examined the “data”.

Two other rounds of emails, including one in which Fauci told his deputy, Hugh Auchincloss, to read an article about “SARS Gain in office” also sparked outrage against Fauci.

“The document you sent me indicates that the experiments were performed before the gain-of-duty break but have since been reviewed and approved by the NIH,” Auchincloss said in an email to Fauci. “I don’t know what that means, as Emily is sure no work on the coronavirus has gone through the P3 cadre. She will try to determine if we have any distant ties to this work overseas.”

This is interpreted by some to indicate that Fauci and his relatives were concerned that his agency – which indeed funded research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – had indirectly funded coronavirus experiments that could have led to the creation and accidental release of the COVID-19 virus.


“It seems he was very confused at first by the gain of function. He thought to himself, ‘What, is the gain of function still going on? I thought we paused it. “It didn’t seem clear whether or not the research on the job gain, how she had started again in Wuhan,” Paul said on the “Tom Roten Morning Show Wednesday. “And I think he was very worried – although he didn’t say so in the email – worried about continuing to fund it through the NIH even if there was no function gain.”

Some are also upset by the correspondence between Fauci and a man named Peter Daszak. Daszak’s organization, EcoHealth, has received millions of grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including a $ 600,000 grant from the Fauci agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which she then paid to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study the risk that bat coronaviruses could infect humans.

“I just wanted to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators, for standing up publicly and stating that scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID-19 from a bat overflow to the man, and not from a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, “Daszak said in an email. Fauci replied,” Thank you very much for your kind note.

Daszak was also part of the World Health Organization team that investigated the Wuhan Institute of Virology earlier this year, an investigation that was even criticized by the White House Biden as lacking transparency.

“These emails show that Dr Fauci coordinated with one of the Wuhan Lab funders to cover up the plausible idea that the virus could have originated inside the lab. Dr Fauci must stop playing games and answering questions about its role in funding the very lab that may have sparked this pandemic around the world, ”Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. said Wednesday in a statement to Fox News.

“It’s so incestuous,” Paul added to the Tom Roten Morning Show.

NIAID did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment on Hawley’s call for Fauci’s resignation. NIAID did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News earlier this week on the content of Fauci’s emails and the backlash against him.


The White House, which elevated Fauci’s role to President Biden’s senior adviser, stands by Fauci’s side amid the fallout from his emails.

“The president and administration believe that Dr Fauci has played an incredible role in containing the pandemic, being the voice of the public throughout this pandemic,” press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday when he was asked if the emails had changed the White House’s trust in Fauci. “And, again, I repeat that a lot of these emails are 17 months or more ago, certainly prior to this administration, but some time ago, as we look at history.”


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