Semenya’s Tokyo bid ends as qualification deadline passes



Athletics South Africa said Semenya missed the deadline for Olympic entries, which was Tuesday, and the governing body World Athletics told them no exceptions would be allowed.

“We double-checked with World Athletics the deadline and it was set in stone. There would have been no special pardon for Caster,” Athletic South Africa spokesman Sifiso Cele told Reuters.

The 30-year-old South African is banned from participating in any 400m to one-mile run after World Athletics ruled in 2018 that to ensure fair competition, women with high levels of natural testosterone must take medication for them. reduce to compete in middle distance. races.

The two-time Olympic 800m champion, who refuses to take medication to alter her testosterone levels, ended up with the 5,000m as her best chance to go to Tokyo, but several efforts to finish in the 15 mark: 10.00 failed.

On Wednesday she ran 15: 50.12 and was around 45 seconds behind winner Aberash Minsewo of Ethiopia.

Semenya continues to challenge World Athletics’ ruling and has taken her case to the European Court of Human Rights, but that process is unlikely to be completed for months.

Last year she tried the 200m as an alternative and lowered her personal best from 24.26 to 23.49, but was still well outside the Olympic qualifying mark of 22.80.

She then ditched those plans in favor of the much longer distance as she said she feared injuries.

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