Sasse accuses Biden admin of treating Ukraine war as ‘PR crisis’, says US response ‘too slow’



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Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., tore into the Biden administration for taking the wrong approach to the war in Ukraine, saying the president needed to act faster and take the situation more seriously.

While the administration has supplied weapons to Ukraine, including a recently announced set that includes highly touted Switchblade drones, Sasse told “Fox News Sunday” more is needed, and faster. The senator accused the White House of dragging its feet because it does not believe the Ukrainian cause and President Volodymyr Zelensky have a chance of success.


“The biggest problem here is that the administration has a group of lawyers who are treating this as a CYA public relations crisis instead of a national security crisis,” he said. said Sasse. “And so my message to the president is simple: stop listening to all your advisers who say that Zelenskyy is a walking dead man. Stop listening to those who say that Ukraine will inevitably lose. We should hear the president’s strategy to help Ukraine win”. . We should be on the side of these freedom fighters and we are too slow with almost every step we take.”

Sasse agreed with the administration’s position that the United States did not need to send fighters, saying “the Ukrainians have the will to fight.” Yet, he said, “we must have the will to constantly rearm them.”


Despite this, Sasse voted against omnibus legislation that included aid. Sasse said this bill, which eventually passed, was “crap” because it was thousands of pages long, “comes out in the middle of the night” and the Ukraine aid part was less than 1% of the package.

Instead, he said, re-arming the Ukrainians “could have been done as a stand-alone bill in 10 minutes.”


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