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NEW DELHI: Chief Justice N.V. Ramana on Saturday expressed deep concern over the rise in incidents of violence and the filing of bogus complaints against doctors across India and said they need an environment sure to perform their selfless service to society.
In publishing the book “Atlas of Breast Elastography and Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Cytology” by Colonel CC Pant and Vaneeta Kapur, the CJI stated: “Breast cancer is becoming one of the major causes of concern in our society. Given the socio-economic considerations in our country, this disease can be a curse for the whole family.”
“From diagnosis to treatment, at each stage the patient has to pay substantial sums. Very few can afford such expenses. Indeed, most cases are detected and diagnosed at advanced stages, either because of the existing stigma , or a lack of awareness,” he said.
Regarding the disturbing scenario of increasing physical threats against doctors in the workplace, the CJI said, “I am extremely saddened to witness the rise in violence against doctors. Several false cases are filed against honest and hardworking doctors. They need a better and safer system. , working environment.”
A CJI-led bench in the recent past had ordered state governments to provide adequate security to judicial officers, who also faced similar death threats from rogue elements. The CJI said there were ongoing cases where incidents of attacks on doctors by relatives of the deceased patient were under consideration in the Supreme Court and appropriate measures should be taken to protect doctors.
Highlighting the importance of gynecologists in ensuring better health for women in general, CJI Ramana said, “…87,090 women died of breast cancer in 2018, the second highest number in the world for that year- the”.

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