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It’s the Hollywood darling who was nominated for an Oscar for his Fred Astaire moves in La La Land, now Ryan Gosling has told Sky News he’s fulfilled a long-held ambition to be in a Hollywood movie. ‘stock.

His latest role sees him playing a secret agent, and he admits comparisons to James Bond are, of course, inevitable.

“I think you can’t get started without those comparisons and we even acknowledge that in the movie,” Gosling said.

Gosling plays Secret Agent Six - a man of few words.  Picture: Netflix
Gosling plays Secret Agent Six – a man of few words. Picture: Netflix

“I mean there’s a time when he says [the alias] 007 was taken – I like the idea that this film existed in a world that was aware that there were Bond films and that it was a different version, a less glamorous version.”

With the departure of Daniel Craig leaving the role of James Bond up for grabs, that doesn’t seem like something Ontario-born Gosling sees in his future.

“I’m not sure they want a Canadian in that role,” he joked.

“I’m not sure anybody, you know, is asking for that, I don’t even think Canadians are asking for that, I don’t think anybody wants that.”

From action star to Barbie doll – the actor’s next project will see him play Ken in a live-action film based on the classic toys.

In an industry known to locker actors as one-trick ponies, Gosling seems determined to be untyped.

“I want to do a Bollywood movie,” he revealed.

“I have to work with [Indian actor] Dhanush in this movie, and I loved working with him, but it also seems like such an interesting way to make movies.”

“I love them, I love their energy, they’re really unique and I feel like it would be fun to team up with him and do something there.”

Gosling met his wife Eva Mendes in the 2012 thriller The Place Beyond The Pines
Gosling met his wife Eva Mendes in the 2012 thriller The Place Beyond The Pines

The Gray Man is Gosling’s first film since 2018’s First Man.

The 41-year-old actor, who has two daughters with his The Place Beyond The Pines co-star Eva Mendes, has chosen to spend time with his young family.

He says now that his daughters are older they can travel with him – and did so while he was filming much of The Gray Man in Europe.

“We had a funny moment in this Prague sequence where I was handcuffed to a bench and I got a call on my cell phone and I hid behind the bench and it was Eva,” Gosling said.

“And all these explosions were happening, and she was asking me how long the explosions were going to last because the girls had a Zoom piano lesson and they were staying at a hotel nearby.

“It was funny, but it worked – they can be with me while I work and they discover these cities while we travel.”

Gosling says he was drawn to The Gray Man because he had wanted to make a big action movie for a long time.

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With a record Netflix budget of $200m (£166m) and directing by the Russo Brothers (known for directing Marvel films), it doesn’t get much bigger than this as action movies go by.

Although his character Six isn’t exactly wordy, Gosling says he’s enjoyed his outlook on life and is all for talking only when you have something to say.

“I like this character because he’s funny and had more to say than the other characters I’ve played and had a kind of commentary about what was happening to him that was sort of self-aware – he had a kind of laughter to keep from a crying type of philosophy,” he said.

“So it was a little different, he wasn’t too stoic about the whole thing, you know?

“In terms of dialogue, I’m Marie Kondo’s style of acting, you know, where the line elicits joy – say it, if it’s not, you may not have one. need.”

Ryan Gosling comparing himself to the Japanese organizational consultant might not be something we expected, but then again, maybe we should expect the unexpected from him as the star rocks a way through Hollywood with varying roles and perhaps more unusually, a work/life balance.

The Gray Man is now available on Netflix.


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