Russian President Putin Says Outside Forces Should Not Impose Their Views On Afghanistan




Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday that “the political reality” is that the Taliban controls most of Afghanistan and that external forces should not impose their views over the country.

“The Taliban movement now controls almost the entire territory of the country, including the capital. This is the political reality, and we must start from these realities, prevent the collapse of the Afghan state,” said Putin.

“We must stop the irresponsible policy of imposing the values ​​of others from the outside, the will to build democracy from the outside according to the models of others, without taking into account any historical, cultural or religious particularity. Completely ignore the traditions in which other peoples live, ”he continued.

“We know Afghanistan well, we know how this country is organized and how counterproductive it is to try to impose unusual forms of government and social life on it. the state, the degradation of their political and social systems, ”Putin said.

“At the same time, we see that the Taliban have already announced the end of hostilities, have started to establish public security for local residents, foreign diplomatic missions,” he added.

Putin also said it was important to prevent the “penetration of terrorists” “disguised as refugees” into countries near Afghanistan.

“In our view, it is particularly important now to prevent the penetration of terrorists of all stripes into the territory of states adjacent to Afghanistan, including disguised as refugees,” Putin said.

How the Taliban takeover has gone so far: The Taliban have moved quickly to crush early opposition to their regime across Afghanistan, clashing with protesters and forcing an entire city to stay indoors, as the frantic race to escape the country intensifies at Kabul International Airport.

A curfew was to be imposed “indefinitely” across the southeastern Afghan city of Khost on Thursday, several Taliban sources told CNN on Wednesday, after videos were posted on social media claiming to show hundreds of people. people demonstrating against the seizure of the militant group. power.

The rapid shutdown of the opposition undermines repeated attempts by the Taliban to convince the media and international observers that their regime will be more small and inclusive than it was two decades ago.

CNN’s Rob Picheta, Saleem Mehsud and Tim Lister contributed to this post.


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