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NEW DELHI: Congress leaders P Chidambaram, Jairam Ramesh, Vivek Tankha and Imran Pratapgarhi filed their candidacy papers for the June 10 Rajya Sabha election on Monday, amid voices of discontent emerging within the party over the choice candidates.
Congress Speaker Sonia Gandhi on Sunday evening cleared the names of 10 party candidates, including Ajay Maken, Randeep Surjewala and Mukul Wasnik, to stand for election to the upper house.
Shortly after the candidates were announced, actress-turned-politician Nagma Morarji and the party’s national spokesperson, Pawan Khera, made clear their disappointment at not being nominated.
The BJP also used it to hit the Congress leadership, saying Gandhis cannot think beyond their coterie.
Nagma raised questions about the candidacy of minority cell leader Imran Pratapgarhi, while Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam said the talent cut is a “suicidal step” for the party.
Sanyam Lodha, adviser to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, said Congress should reconsider its decision to field candidates for the Rajya Sabha from outside the state.

“Shayad meri tapasya mein kuch kami reh gayi (Maybe my penance was short),” Khera tweeted.
In response, Nagma said, “My 18 years of penance was short before Imran bhai (Imran Pratapgarhi, who was sent from Maharashtra).
“Sonia Ji, our Congress President, had personally pledged to welcome me to RS in 2003/04 when I joined the Congress party at her request, we were not in power at the time.
“Since then it’s been 18 years (but) they haven’t found an opportunity, Mr Imran is hosted in RS from Maharashtra. I ask if I deserve less,” she tweeted.
However, Khera and Nagma then congratulated the nominees.
Seeking damage limitation, Khera also posted a 1.41-minute video to Twitter, saying, “Being blindsided by personal ambition is a luxury you and I cannot afford in this fight. It’s a struggle greater than any ambition.”
He quoted a verse from the poem “Madhushala” by Harivansh Rai Bachchan, saying that one should not be afraid of getting burned.
He hailed Congress and thanked the people for standing with him and cited the example of Sonia Gandhi who sacrificed the post of Prime Minister.
Imran Pratapraghi when asked about his candidacy said: “There is no opposition to my candidacy and the whole party is united. The whole country is part of Maharashtra and there is no question of any foreigner or insider.”
“There is no question of any opposition to the decision of Congress Speaker Sonia Gandhi and the whole party stands behind her decision. We will win the election of Rajya Sabha.”
Asked about Nagma’s criticism, he said: “Have you seen another tweet from her congratulating all who have been appointed to the Rajya Sabha. Please see this tweet, it is more beautiful.”
Responding to Nagma Morarji’s tweet, Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam said the penance of Salman Khurshid, Tariq Anwar and Ghulam Nabi Azad was over 40 years but they too were “martyred”.
“The ‘removal’ of talent is a ‘suicidal step’ for the party,” he said in another tweet in Hindi.
Shortly after Congress announced its candidates, Lodha tweeted, “Congress party should explain why no Rajasthan Congress leader/worker nominated for Rajya Sabha elections”, with the hashtag “Congress Sankalp “.
He warned senior congressional brass that the party will suffer a “death blow” in next year’s assembly elections if it fails to welcome Rajasthan’s leaders to the upper house.
BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya also took to Twitter to criticize the Congress leadership over the Rajya Sabha nominations, saying it had led to discontent.
“The Chintan Shivir was obviously of no use. Soon after, the Congress saw high profile exits. Now it has disappointed its units in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh (both vying for elections) and Maharashtra refusing the appointment of residents for RS,” Malviya said. on Twitter.
“Gandhis cannot see beyond their coterie,” he said.
Maharashtra Congress leader Nana Patole, however, said every worker “accepts the decision of our leader Sonia Gandhi”.
“Congress is a democratic party and everyone can feel they are more deserving, but everyone accepts the decision of the high command and Imran Pratapgarhi will be elected as the candidate of the Rajya Sabha Party of Maharashtra,” he said. declared.
Another Congress leader, Milind Deora, posted a cryptic tweet saying, “The optimist-pessimist test.” He pulled out an image of a traffic light with the writing “You matter, don’t give up” if read vertically and “You don’t matter, give up” if read horizontally.
Deora was a candidate for a Rajya Sabha seat.
Earlier, all the appointed leaders in Rajya Sabha thanked the party leadership for trusting them.
“Grateful for the support and well wishes of the President of Congress, the leadership of Congress, millions of members of Congress, colleagues and friends,” Chidambaram said in a tweet.
Speaking to reporters after submitting his candidacy in Chennai, the top leader thanked Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MP Stalin and other DMK-Congress allies, including left-wing parties.
The former Union Minister, however, declined to comment on voices of discontent within his party over the choice of candidates for the June 10 biennial Rajya Sabha elections.
Vivek Tankha, a leader of the G23 splinter group who had raised questions about the leadership of Congress and called for a party overhaul, said: “I’m sorry if I hurt anyone because of my words or my shares during this period so far. My attempt has always been to wipe away tears and not hurt anyone through my work.”
In another tweet, he said that in 32 years of association with Kamal Nath, he has always been grateful to him for his unwavering support.
Alongside Nath and the opposition leader in Madhya Pradesh Assembly, Govind Singh, the 65-year-old Supreme Court barrister presented his candidacy for returning officer in Bhopal.
Ranjeet Ranjan said, “I am extremely humbled and grateful to my party, Madam Sonia Ji and Rahul Ji for nominating me for Rajya Sabha”.
Union Minister Jairam Ramesh and Mansoor Ali Khan submitted their candidacies from Karnataka.
They were accompanied at the Karnataka Assembly Secretariat by former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, senior Congress official M Mallikarjun Kharge and State Congress Speaker DK Shivakumar.
The opposition party is expected to win at least one seat, given its strength in the assembly, but it has also fielded another candidate, Mansoor Ali Khan.


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