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Britain’s two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray said on Monday that the decision to strip the Grand Slam of its ranking points was not a “big decision” by the ATP and WTA Tours.
Wimbledon had their ranking points stripped by the ATP Men’s and WTA Women’s after the grass-court major chose to exclude players from Russia and Belarus due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow calls it a “special operation”.
“Taking the points away, if it doesn’t stop the players from playing, I don’t think it’s a good move by the ATP,” Murray told reporters after entering the second round of the Surbiton Trophy event on grass.
“They took points – everyone always shows up.
“I think Wimbledon will go ahead and have an extremely strong group of players.”
Banning Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s championships was the only viable option under the guidance provided by the British government, organizers at the All England Lawn Tennis Club said last month when the decision was announced.
“I don’t believe there is anyone at the ATP who supports what is happening in Ukraine,” Murray said.
“I think they try to protect the players as best they can and that’s the decision they made. Some players are okay with the decision but I think the majority of them don’t. weren’t,” he added.
“I spoke to some of the Russian players in Madrid and I also feel for those players. I like them and I’m friends with them and I also don’t think they’re in favor of what’s happening (in Ukraine) . ”
Murray said last week that Wimbledon would never feel like an “exhibition event”.


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