Rakhi Sawant cries inconsolably as her ex-husband Ritesh hacks her social media accounts; arrives at the police station to lodge a complaint



Rakhi Sawant has been beaming with joy for a few months when she found love in Adil Khan after splitting from ex-husband Ritesh. However, the actress was spotted outside Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai today (June 11) crying inconsolably after her ex Ritesh allegedly hacked into her social media accounts. During an exclusive interview with ETimes TV, Rakhi and her boyfriend Adil slammed Ritesh for being abusive and violent towards her.

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Rakhi arrived at the police station with her boyfriend and was seen crying while recounting her ordeal. Speaking to the media, Rakhi shared that her ex-Ritesh wanted to destroy her life as she is with Adil now.

“I came to the police station because my ex-husband Ritesh bothers me a lot. He hacked my Instagram, Facebook and gmail account. He entered his number and name in all my accounts. When we were together, he took care of my social media accounts and after we broke up I didn’t change the passwords. I thought we parted ways amicably and he wouldn’t get back at me. But he is in revenge mode. He made it clear to me that he was going to destroy me. Today we all make money with an Instagram account and he hacked it,” she shared.

Rakhi’s boyfriend Adil revealed that they tried to log into his social media accounts but all their attempts came to naught, “We tried to change it by adding an authenticated password but it didn’t is not happening because he added his own id in his gmail so we can’t log in. All passwords and OTP’s are for him and she also can’t access his google account or phone.”

Rakhi revealed that Ritesh has stopped taking his calls and writes abusive language on his social media pages: “He doesn’t even pick up my phone or answer my messages. just wants to get back at me because I’m with Adil now. He writes nasty things on my account about Colors TV. They will think that I write it. He wants me to be banned by the channel and ruin me. my relationship with salman khan bhai he tells me that last time you had to get into bigg boss because of me now i will see how you will get into bigg boss with adil he uses abusive language on instagram.

She further revealed that Ritesh is threatening to destroy her life and file 10 lawsuits against her in Bihar court, “He is threatening to file 10 lawsuits against me in Bihar and you will spend your whole life in court (Rakhi cries inconsolable).He has been troubling me since the day I was with Adil.He cheated on me and was already married when he married me.I walked into Bigg Boss and his whole story came out.I told him forgiven yet and I haven’t filed any complaints against him. I haven’t done anything. Today I’m with Adil, so he’s jealous of us. My marriage to him was illegal anyway and that’s why I never bothered to punish him But he just wants I came to the police station because he can go all the way for revenge The cleaning lady I had at my house, he l hired him and he always called to ask about me. The jewelry he gave me too was fake, but I don’t care. I just want him to leave me alone,” she concluded.


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