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NEW DELHI: Calling the Agnipath program – launched by the Center on Tuesday – unwarranted, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday it was reducing the operational effectiveness of “our armed forces” as India was under threat on two fronts.
Taking to Twitter during his lunch break amid interrogations by the Law Enforcement Directorate in the National Herald case, Rahul called on the BJP government to “stop compromising dignity, traditions, bravery and discipline of our forces”.
“When India faces threats on two fronts, Agnipath’s unwarranted plan reduces the operational effectiveness of our Armed Forces,” he tweeted, referring to “threats” on the northern and eastern borders of India. country.

The government on Tuesday announced the radical and far-reaching “Agnipath” plan to recruit all new soldiers only for four years. Under the Agnipath scheme, approved by the Prime Minister’s cabinet committee on security, the recruitment process for 46,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen this year will begin on an “all India, all classes” basis. within 90 days.

After the launch, Rahul had tweeted that the Prime Minister was not an expert in job creation, but in making “news” about jobs.
“As eight years ago young people were promised 2 million jobs every year, so now it is around 10,000 government jobs. This is not a government of ‘jumlas’, but of ‘maha jumlas’,” Rahul tweeted in Hindi.

There have been criticisms that the program will undermine the professionalism, ethics and fighting spirit of the armed forces and possibly lead to the militarization of civil society.


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