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NEW DELHI: A row has erupted over an undated video making the rounds on Twitter that shows Congress leader Rahul Gandhi partying at a nightclub believed to be in Kathmandu, Nepal.
On Tuesday, several BJP leaders shared the video on Twitter and criticized the Congress leadership amid communal clashes in Rajasthan, where the party is in power.
“Rahul Gandhi was in a nightclub when Mumbai was under siege [sic]. He’s at a nightclub when his party explodes. It is consistent,” tweeted Amit Malviya, head of the BJP’s IT unit.
“Interestingly, shortly after Congress refused to outsource its presidency, blockbuster jobs started for their candidate for prime minister,” Malviya said.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju questioned Rahul – an MP – for ‘preaching others’ when he himself allegedly partied.
“Regular parties, holidays, vacations, pleasure trips, private visits abroad, etc. are nothing new in the nation anymore. As a private citizen, there is no problem , except when a deputy, a permanent boss of a national political party who continues to preach others …..”, Rijiju said on Twitter.

In a tweet in Hindi, former Delhi BJP chairman Manoj Tiwari said the crisis was weighing on Congress but not the “family”.

The Congress party has yet to officially react to the video.
Reportedly, the location where the video was shot was Kathmandu.
Rahul Gandhi reportedly attended a friend’s wedding a day ago.
According to an article in the Kathmandu Post, Rahul Gandhi landed in the Nepalese capital on Monday afternoon. The daily quotes Bhim Udas, a former Nepalese ambassador to Myanmar, as saying he invited Rahul Gandhi to attend his daughter’s wedding.
The video comes a day after Congress took to Twitter from its official handle snapping photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his overseas visit.
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