QB Lamar Jackson does not commit to Covid-19 vaccine after contracting virus twice


“I just got off the Covid list so I need to talk to my team about it and try to see what they think about it,” he said. “I’m going to keep fighting as much as I can about this, and go from there.”

He was asked again if he would be vaccinated.

“We will see. Talk to the doctors. We will see,” he said. He later added that he felt getting the shot was a personal decision.

“I’m just going to worry about this with my family, keep my feelings for myself and my family. I’m focusing on improving myself right now. Trying to get back to a good routine,” he said.

Professional athletes and leagues sometimes disagree on vaccines, much like the rest of America

Jackson tested positive for the second time in July before training camp and said he was upset.

“What is it? Again ?! It was crazy. I was heartbroken because I wasn’t looking forward to all of this. Right before camp, it was like, not yet. Not now. But it’s over, “Jackson said, adding that he was tired and slept a lot.

“But I’m glad to be back. Ten days off, I didn’t like it at all,” he said.

Jackson tested positive for the first time in late November 2020, according to the NFL Network and ESPN. It was around this time that the Ravens were struggling to deal with a Covid outbreak among players – at one point, placing 20 players on the Reserve / Covid-19 roster.

Vaccinated players who test positive and remain asymptomatic are eligible to return after testing negative twice in 24 hours, according to league protocols.

Unvaccinated players must be quarantined for 10 days and then test negative before they can return.

Jackson said Monday he didn’t think having an unvaccinated quarterback was a disadvantage for the Ravens.

“I’m just going to follow NFL protocols as much as I can, the best I can. I don’t care. Last year I got out of Covid, I felt like we had rather well done, “he said. “This year I’m trying to do the same, if not nothing. Like I said, I’m going to follow the protocols.”

Jackson’s failure to commit to the vaccine comes as the NFL and other leagues try to tackle players’ reluctance to be vaccinated. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley tweeted in June that he’d rather retire than get the shot, but in july said he was not “anti or pro vax. I am pro choice”.

CNN’s Homero De la Fuente, Jill Martin and Ray Sanchez contributed to this report.

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