Pitcher and batting Shohei Ohtani help Los Angeles Angels end 14-game losing streak



Ohtani put the Halos in the lead at Angel Stadium with a two-run homer in the fifth inning, and they never gave up the lead.

He was also credited for the win after pitching seven innings, allowing one run on four hits, walking two and striking out six.

Shohei Ohtani wins his first Grand Slam as a professional

“I had a few chances to stop the losing streak on the mound, but I couldn’t do it,” Ohtani said through an interpreter, according to MLB.com. “I was happy to be able to do it today.”

The Angels’ losing streak was the longest in franchise history, and also the longest for a team with a reigning MVP — Ohtani — on its roster.

The win over the Red Sox came two days after the team relieved Joe Maddon of his managerial duties, with Phil Nevin named interim manager in his place.

“I think everyone exhaled, took a deep breath,” Nevin said of his team’s relief at the end of the losing streak.

“They came every day hoping to win, it’s the same attitude, it’s the same vibe at the clubhouse, really.

“And when you arrive after the game, you see the pain on their faces, and I know it hurts them…These last two weeks have been painful for them, painful for everyone.”

The Angels are hoping to extend their chance to win Friday night against the New York Mets at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.


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