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JAIPUR: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday claimed that the Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and Sachin Pilot were hand in hand in the plot to overthrow the state government in 2020, and that Shekhawat had admitted it.
Shekhawat had recently said: “The pilot made a slight mistake. If all had gone well in Rajasthan, like in Madhya Pradesh, work on the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project in Rajasthan (ERCP) would have already started.”
Referring to his statement, Gehlot said, “You yourself conspired to overthrow the government. Now that you take the name Sachin Pilot ji, that he was wrong, which further proves it, you have -even put the seal on the fact that you were in hand. -in glove with him (sic).”
The Chief Minister, while answering a question from an ACB reporter at the Shekhawat Notice Service, said: “A new notice for voice samples has been issued to him by the court. The law should take its course. It’s rather late, they kept avoiding, and finally a notice was served, it came from the court. What’s the matter with giving voice samples.
Gehlot said Shekhawat accepted in court in Delhi that it was his voice. Police accepted him in an affidavit when he filed a complaint against Lokesh Sharma, OSD at CM, Gehlot claimed.
“He was the main character in the knockdown game, and everyone knows that. He’s now been exposed, the world knows the voice in the audio is his,” Gehlot added.
On political developments in Maharashtra, he said, “What is happening in Maharashtra is nothing but bargaining by BJP. BJP took power from MP and then tried it in Rajasthan , and now in Maharashtra, which is a bad omen for the country, for democracy.”


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