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A Tory MP has resigned from the government saying he was ‘shocked and angry’ at the revelations about the Downing Street party.

Paul Holmes said he was leaving his post as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Home Office, saying a “deep distrust of government and the Conservative Party” had been created by events.

Her announcement adds pressure on Boris Johnson, who since the publication of Sue Gray’s partygate report has seen four backbenchers add their names to the list of Tories calling on him to quit.

In a statement to his constituents in Eastleigh, Hampshire, Mr Holmes said: “As I have always made it clear, like most of you, I was shocked and angered by the revelations when so many people across Eastleigh have followed the rules and sacrificed many things in the need to stop the spread of the virus.”

Mr Holmes backed the Government’s record during the pandemic in easing lockdowns and rolling out vaccines, saying ‘the Prime Minister and civil servants deserve great credit for this’.

But he added: “The revelations in Sue Gray’s report that staff and cleaners were not treated properly are both disappointing and unacceptable, it is right that the Prime Minister has apologized to staff .

“It clearly showed a culture in Number 10 that was in bad taste, and I’m glad there were several reforms that Sue Gray welcomed.

“It is clear to me that a deep distrust of the government and the Conservative Party has been created by these events, something that hurts me personally as someone who always tries to represent Eastleigh and its people with integrity. .

“It is distressing to me that this work on your behalf has been tarnished by the toxic culture that seemed to have permeated Number 10.

“Over the past few weeks, this distress has led me to conclude that I want to continue to focus solely on my efforts to be your MP and the campaigns that are important to you.

“That is why I have now resigned from my government responsibilities as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Home Office.”

Mr Holmes did not say in his statement whether he thought the Prime Minister should leave.


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