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PANAJI: Double Olympic medalist PV Sindhu says she can’t choose her toughest opponent on the international circuit because everyone is on the same level and you always have to be vigilant regardless of the player’s world ranking.
“I think nobody is tough and at the same time everyone is beatable,” she said during an interaction at the ongoing Goa Fest 2022 on Friday.
“Right now everyone is the same level, you can’t think a higher ranked player will be tough or unbeatable and at the same time when you play with the lower ranked player you can’t expect that to happen be an easy win.
“So you have to give your hundred percent no matter what. I can’t say one person is the toughest opponent and they’re unbeatable, everyone is beatable.”
Recalling the times when everything was closed due to Covid-19 before the Olympics, Sindhu said it was “a bit difficult”.
“Because of the pandemic, it had to be postponed. It was a few months away. It was kind of sad. We’ve been waiting for this for four years,” she said.
Sindhu said even after going to the Olympics it was difficult because players were tested every day.
“Imagine you came to the semi-finals and tested positive. It would have been worse,” she said.
“Fortunately, everything went well and I came back with a bronze medal.”
Sindhu said the break during the pandemic gave him plenty of time to work on his skills.
“I would say it helped me because I had a lot more time to learn a lot of skills and improve my game. I think it really helped me in Tokyo,” she concluded.

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