No casualties have yet been identified, says Deputy Chief Coroner


Alfarena McGinty speaks at a press conference on April 16.
Alfarena McGinty speaks at a press conference on April 16. Jon Cherry / Getty Images

Alfarena McGinty, the deputy chief coroner for the Marion County coroner’s office, said they could not yet identify any of the shooting victims, and the coroner’s office is “conducting our inquest.”

“What we usually have to do is wait until all the evidence has been gathered. We are not yet able to go to the scene to confirm an identity, ”she said.

Currently, McGinty said the coroner’s office is working with victim assistance and the police department’s chaplain’s office to gather information.

She explained how the state of Indiana specifies how victims are identified, adding that “this process will take a little time.”

“As you all know, Indiana is very specific in how positive identification can be done – which is identification by family member, dentist, DNA and fingerprints – and in Thus adhering to all these measures, we must ensure that those identified on the scene are correctly and correctly identified in a positive manner, ”she said.

“We still have a few hours to go before we can get to the scene to do our investigation, and then after that we will work with the families. As a result of this process, what we need to do is run our reviews, ”she said, adding that additional staff will be called in to complete these reviews within the next 48 to 72 hours.

These inquiries will confirm the actual cause of death, McGinty said.


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