New York mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa sticks new governor’s name over Andrew Cuomo’s on state signage



Following the resignation of Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, Republican candidate for mayor of New York, Curtis Sliwa, traveled to Hudson River Park to preventively replace the disgraced governor’s name on official signage of the ‘State.

Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels and longtime Cuomo critic, posted a video of himself as he knelt next to an official sign for Pier 76 on the west side of Manhattan.

He leaned over and pasted Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul’s name on Cuomo’s in the “Governor” space above that of New York City Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Erik Kulleseid . Hochul will be sworn in as governor upon Cuomo’s resignation in 14 days.

“It’s a signage that’s evident almost everywhere in New York State, where the state has any type of facility, park – any type of building, any type. building, ”Sliwa said.


“Let this be the first of many changes to come for the new Governor, now Lieutenant Governor, Kathy Hochul.”

Sliwa said his sign boarding for Pier 76 will be the first in a series of many he will personally make across town, replacing Cuomo’s name with Hochul, a Buffalo-area Democrat and former member. of the US Congress.

“Everywhere… the name ‘Governor Andrew Cuomo’ is, in the next two weeks, I will personally change it to that of the new Governor, Kathy Hochul,” he said, naming the Verrazzano Bridge, the RFK-Triboro Bridge and Brooklyn-Battery. Tunnel as potential examples in New York City.

He then wished Hochul good luck in her new role and pledged to “work in solidarity with her as the next mayor of New York to repair all the damage done to us by former Governor Andrew Cuomo.”

Sliwa, 67, has criticized Cuomo for years and also spoke badly about his father, the late Governor Mario Cuomo. He has occasionally used nicknames for both members of the Empire State’s powerful political family, previously presenting the outgoing Governor as “Andrew ‘Evil Eyes’ Cuomo, King Cuomo II, son of Mario ‘Faccia Brutta’ Cuomo”.

Guardian Angels founder and radio host takes on Brooklyn Borough Democratic President Eric Adams in the fall municipal election.

Adams’ predecessor, Democrat Marty Markowitz, was also famous for trying to accentuate signage – albeit officially – throughout Brooklyn.

Under his tenure, the now famous green and purple signage remarking “Leaving Brooklyn: Fuggedaboutit”, “Leaving Brooklyn: Oy Vey!” and “Welcome to Brooklyn: How Sweet It Is” appeared on the borough lines from the Manhattan Bridge to Belt Parkway.

Earlier on Tuesday, Cuomo had announced that he to resign in the midst of an ongoing sexual harassment scandal. The outgoing governor is also being criticized for his handling of COVID-positive patients in healthcare facilities across the state.


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