New tennis superstar Emma Raducanu celebrates return to UK by playing with Duchess of Cambridge

Upon returning to the UK after winning the US Open earlier in September, the 18-year-old chose one of the most famous doubles partners imaginable.

At an event commemorating Raducanu and other British Flushing Meadows Champions, she appeared in court with the Duchess of Cambridge in London.

Kate is a patron of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Raducanu called it “the perfect day to play tennis”.

Raducanu stunned the tennis world when she won the US Open in an extraordinary race in which she did not lose a set.

She became the first qualified person – male or female – to win a Grand Slam title, having entered the tournament ranked 150th in the world.

However, at the event on Friday, she announced that she had parted ways with coach Andrew Richardson after her victory.

Richardson accompanied Raducanu to the US Open, leading him on his remarkable journey to the grand slam title.

However, she says she is now looking for a more experienced trainer.

“Where I was after Wimbledon I was ranked about 200 in the world, and at the time I thought Andrew would be a great coach for the trials, so we went to the United States, but I didn’t ‘ve never dreamed of winning the US Open and having the race I did and now I’m ranked 22nd in the world which is pretty crazy for me, ”she said.

“I feel like at this point in my career, and playing the best players in the world, I realized I really needed someone right now who has had that WTA Tour experience at high levels which means I am looking for someone who has been at this level and knows what it takes.

“And especially at the moment because I’m so new to it, I really need someone to guide me who’s been through this before.”

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