NBA Finals: Steph Curry’s 43-point masterpiece helps Golden State Warriors tie streak with Boston Celtics



At 34, Curry may be in the twilight years of his career, but he looked like a man still playing at the absolute peak of his powers.

Curry, who had been a doubt for this game due to an injury sustained in Game 3, made 14 of 26 field goal attempts and seven of 14 of three. But it wasn’t just his remarkable efficiency in front of a raucous Boston crowd that made this performance special.

The man many consider the greatest shooter of all time shot long range, tough layups and showcased the absurdly silky grips that made him one of the toughest players to defend of the NBA.

His teammate Klay Thompson said he thought Friday’s masterclass ranked “probably No. 1” among Curry’s greatest performances in the Finals.

“I mean, it was almost a game to win,” Thompson told reporters. “And to go out there and shoot as effectively as he did, and grab 10 rebounds and they were attacking him on defense — I mean, his conditioning is unmatched in this league.

“Steph played amazing… Come Game 5, we’re going to have to help him. Asking him to score 43 every night is ridiculous.

“It’s just special to see what he does,” added Thompson. “He does it so often you take it for granted, but I’m mesmerized like the rest of the crowd. It looks effortless.”

But Curry, who had 10 rebounds and five assists, was not brought to rank his individual performances in the Finals.

“I don’t rate my performance. I just want to win the game,” Curry told reporters.

Steph Curry celebrates the victory with his mother Sonya.

However, as has been the case for much of this Finals series, Curry was once again disappointed by his star teammates Thompson and Draymond Green.

Green in particular has come under heavy criticism from fans and pundits alike, with some suggesting he seems more concerned with trying to annoy opponents than his performance on the pitch.

Jayson Tatum led the Celtics with 23 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, while Jaylen Brown had 21 points, six rebounds and two assists.

It was just a three-point game in the final 90 seconds after Al Horford hit a huge three, but the Celtics’ offense became stale in the closing stages and they failed to register a other point.

The teams now return to San Francisco for Game 5 on Monday night, as the Warriors look to make the most of home court advantage.


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