NBA Finals: Steph Curry “livid” prepares to “bounce back”



That nearly four-year record ended in surprise in Game 5 of Monday’s NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, which the Golden State Warriors won 104-94 to take a 3-2 lead in the best of seven series.

Although Curry went from scorching heat to freezing cold in the span of one game – he torched the Celtics for 43 points in Game 4 in Boston – big contributions from Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson helped Golden State to a potentially vital victory.

Now the team are on course to claim a fourth title in eight seasons, and Curry’s longtime teammate Draymond Green says the playmaker will be ‘livid’ and eager to get back to his shooting ways in Game 6 on Thursday.

“A win is a win, whether Steph gets 43, 10, four or finishes with 16 for 22 shots, a win is a win,” Green told the media.

Curry walks off the court during Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals.

“Everyone is doing their part…we’ve found offense elsewhere, and that’s kind of what it is,” Green added.

“Similarly, if he gets there, we’re going to be heavy Steph Curry… He was 0-for-9 on three. He’s going to be livid before Game 6, and that’s exactly what we need. .”

Curry finished Monday night with just 16 for 7 for 22 shooting from the field and 0 for 9 from three-point range.

His long-range blank was the first time in 133 playoff games the 34-year-old fell short from deep.

Afterwards, Curry expressed personal disappointment at the end of the run and said he expected better in the next game.

“Of course it bothers me as a shooter,” Curry said. “You want to impact the game that way. But luckily that’s not the only thing you do on the pitch.

Curry reacts after teammate Klay Thompson made a three-pointer against the Celtics.

“Obviously the track record says I’m shooting the ball better the next game. I’m looking forward to bouncing back.”

Throughout his illustrious career, Curry has won almost everything basketball has to offer. The Finals MVP award, however, has remained illusory thus far.

But with his Warriors one game away from what would be a remarkable resurgence, Curry is poised to take last place in his already bulging trophy cabinet.


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