Nayana James defeats Ancy Sojan in battle for Indian Grand Prix long jump crown 4 | More sports news



BHUBANESWAR: Nayana James produced two efforts over 6.37m to claim the women’s top-level long jump title in the Indian Grand Prix 4 Athletics Meet at Kalinga Stadium on Tuesday.
Ancy Sojan, who led after the first two rounds with 6.29m of effort and the fourth round with a leap of 6.35m, finished second ahead of U20 world silver medalist Shaili Singh. The Uttar Pradesh teenager, who trains in Bengaluru, had a best effort of 6.27m in her first encounter since the U20 World Athletics Championships in Nairobi in August last year.

Nayana James, 26, landed a faulty jump and 5.99m in her first two efforts but took the lead in round three with a jump of 6.30m, 1cm higher than the best two jumps in ‘Ancy Sojan until then.
After Ancy Sojan responded with a 6.35m effort in the fourth round, Nayana James jumped 6.37m twice to seal the title while her 21-year-old teammate fouled her final two jumps .
From the home fans’ perspective, Amiya Kumar Mallick and Aryan Ekka’s 1-2 in the men’s 100m sprint was pleasing. The Odisha sprinters trusted each other in the second of four races on the scoreboard. Karan Vivek Hegiste from Maharashtra was the best of the other sprinters to win the bronze medal.


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