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A former SNP MP has been found guilty of embezzling nearly £25,000 from two organizations supporting Scottish independence.

The 41-year-old took the money when she was treasurer of Women for Independence (WFI) and the Glasgow Regional Association of the SNP.

His bank account showed funds coming in and, almost immediately, going out and being spent on rent, shopping and vacations in Spain.

Some of the embezzled money included donations intended for a food bank.

The former Glasgow East MP embezzled £21,000 while she was treasurer of WFI between 2013 and 2015.

She took £4,661 while serving as Treasurer, Secretary and Convenor of the Glasgow Regional Association (GRA) of the SNP and was found guilty of two charges of embezzlement by Glasgow Sheriff Court.

McGarry became treasurer of WFI in 2012, with PayPal funds flowing into her personal bank account.

The jury saw a bank statement in which McGarry’s personal account had a balance of £10.74 – later supplemented by a PayPal transfer of £1,700 and a rent payment of £1,000 was later withdrawn from the account on next day.

WFI also footed the bill for part of a £5,000 five-year loan as well as shopping at Tesco, Asda and Just Eat.

McGarry had also gone on holiday with her partner to Spain with another couple.

She was convicted following a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court

“She made a fortune”

During the trial, her constituency office manager, Rachel Mackie, recalled: “She made a fortune, she had a good salary and her partner was an adviser. She would be in the office complaining about being flayed all the time. “

Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf testified he loaned Ms McGarry £600 after overhearing a conversation that she was to be deported.

Mr Yousaf said: “I offered to lend him funds of around £600 from the bank opposite.

“I completed the transaction and the money was returned to me pretty much on time.”

The court heard McGarry failed to pay the charity Positive Prisons Positive Futures £360 from a collection of WFI buckets.

A similar collection for a food bank in Perth was not delivered.

McGarry ‘overwhelmed’ by ‘donkey work’

McGarry’s home was raided by police in May 2016 where a warrant was read through a door as she “hid” in her bathroom.

She denied any wrongdoing during her six days of testimony, saying she was “overwhelmed” doing “donkey work” for WFI.

She sobbed on the witness stand as she said: “It was the most hellish experience I could imagine.

“Having my whole life torn apart when I had done nothing wrong.”

McGarry, who made no reaction to the reading of the verdict, was joined by her family in court.

Sentencing was postponed pending background reports until next month and McGarry had his bail extended.

She had previously been convicted on the same embezzlement charge by appeals judges in 2019 after ruling that she had been the subject of a miscarriage of justice.

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