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NEW DELHI: Even after the court order, infighting within the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) continues. The two factions – led by Narinder Batra and Rajeev Mehta – are busy interpreting the Delhi High Court’s judgment on Olympian Aslam Sher Khan’s motion as to suitability.
A day after the court ruled that the positions of “life member” and “life president” in the NSF and that of CEO on the board of directors are illegal, which effectively left Batra powerless, the president of the international hockey federation (FIH) reminded his opponents on Thursday that he is still the boss when it comes to running the IOA show.
Batra’s claim drew a vigorous rebuttal from senior vice president Anil Khanna, who reminded his nemesis that keeping him in the top job would amount to contempt of court. Khanna told IOA staff that from now on they would be taking explicit instructions from General Secretary Mehta, Treasurer Anandeshwar Panday and “myself as Acting President” with immediate effect.

Batra, in his communication to member associations, informed that he had not been stripped of his powers as head of the IOA by the court. Batra said he would continue to serve as AIO President until new elections are called by the three-member Committee of Trustees (CoA). “I have not resigned as IOA President as has been misrepresented in some sections of the media,” Batra said in a statement.
Khanna, who took over as acting head of the IOA after the court verdict, dismissed Batra’s claim. “Pursuant to this (Delhi High Court) order, Batra’s tenure as President of the IOA terminated with immediate effect on 25th May 2022,” Khanna wrote in his letter to the Member Associations of the IOA. IOA.
“In 2017, Batra ceased to be the President of Hockey India and was not a member of the Executive Committee of HI. Batra was a life member of HI as per paragraph 2.1. life membership of HI, that his name has been included in the IOA Electoral College. Batra’s claim again challenges the court order and the constitution of the IOA. This may amount to a contempt of court,” added Khanna, who is the chairman of the IOA’s finance committee.


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