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NEW DELHI: India’s former footballers could finally have a role, and a say, in the management of the Indian game if suggestions put forward by member states to the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Trustees (CoA) for the Indian Football Federation football (AIFF) draft constitution are considered.
On Saturday, a seven-member panel representing the 36 member states of the AIFF met in person with the three CoA members comprising former Supreme Court Justice, AR Dave and former India captain, Bhaskar Ganguly, in the capital . Dr. SY Quraishi attended the meeting virtually.
Chief among the suggestions made was the representation of prominent former Indian footballers in the administration of the game, in line with the National Sports Code.
The draft AIFF constitution suggested 33% player representation on the AIFF Executive Committee, but members felt that 24% representation was a fair distribution in the 24-member ExCo , i.e. 6 former players (4 men and 2 women).
While the draft referred to players’ voting rights as individual voting rights, members suggested that nomination via the Players’ Commission was the best solution. As it stands, the criterion for outstanding players is 15 international matches played. Yet, it was also felt that many states would not boast of having an international footballer.
As a solution, appointing a player to each of the five AIFF zones was seen as the best mechanism to follow. A former footballer could be elected through his national association.
While the CoA suggested that the players be part of the AIFF Judiciary Committee etc, citing a possible conflict of interest. It was also felt that former footballers could be used in the various technical committees of the AIFF.
“It was a very positive interaction. We shared our suggestions and concerns and the CoA was very responsive and patiently listened to us,” said a member of the States panel.


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