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NEW DELHI: The southwest (summer) monsoon arrived in Kerala on Sunday, three days ahead of its normal start date (June 1), beginning the country’s four-month rainy season, the meteorological department said Indian who has already predicted ‘normal and well-distributed rains during the season. It is only the third time in the past 10 years that the summer monsoon has recorded an early start – before June 1.
“Conditions are favorable for a further advance of the southwest monsoon in parts of the central Arabian Sea, boring parts of Kerala, other parts of Tamil Nadu, parts of Karnataka and others. parts of southern and central Bay of Bengal, parts of northeastern Bay of Bengal and northeastern states over the next 3-4 days,” the Met Department said.
The monsoon map released by IMD shows that seasonal rains will reach western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and parts of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan from June 25-30.
The IMD had earlier this month predicted the onset of the monsoon over Kerala on May 27 with a model error of ±4 days. He claimed that his operational predictions of when the monsoon will come to the state over the past 18 years (2005-22) have proven correct except for 2015.
“All the conditions are met for the onset of monsoon over Kerala…Conditions are now even more favorable to also cover more parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bay of Bengal and also northern states. east… There will be no heatwave conditions for the next five days over Delhi, northwest and central India,” said RK Jenamani, Principal Scientist, IMD.
Although parts of the Kerala coast have seen rainfall over the past couple of days, the IMD waited until all the conditions were met before its official announcement of the onset of the monsoon over the state which marks the start of the rainy season on the Indian continent.
IMD said out of 14 rainfall monitoring stations to declare the onset of monsoon over Kerala, 10 stations received rainfall of 2.5mm or more in the past 24 hours. Other conditions include the depth of westerly winds extending up to 4.5 km above mean sea level, the strength of westerly winds and cloudiness over the southeast Sea of ‘Oman and adjacent areas of Kerala.
The IMD will release its second stage forecast for the monsoon in the coming days, forecasting the regional distribution of rainfall during the season.


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