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NEW DELHI: Affirming that the Indian army had responded adequately to Chinese efforts to change the status quo by force on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh, the army chief, General Manoj Pande, made it clear on Sunday that the force would allow no loss of territory in this area.
In an exclusive interview with ANI, India’s new army chief said the situation at LAC is normal as “our adversary’s unilateral and provocative actions to change the status quo by force have been treated as adequately”.
Army chief General Pande said that over the past two years “we have conducted a threat assessment and realigned and reoriented our forces.”
“Regarding the situation in the ALC, our troops are present in a very firm and resolute manner ensuring that there is no change in the status quo,” he said.
The new army chief said Indian Army troops ‘occupy important physical positions and in all of this we are very clear that we will not allow any change in the status quo or any loss of territory’ .
General Pande said that “our objective has also been the development of infrastructure, in particular habitat, to meet operational and logistical needs”.
“Ultimately, our goal is to reduce tension along the LAC and restore the status quo to how it was before,” he said.
India and China have been locked in a military stalemate for two years after Chinese aggression in eastern Ladakh, after which the two sides deployed troops opposite each other all the time. along the border.

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