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NEW YORK: The shirt Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona wore as he scored twice against England in the 1986 World Cup, including the infamous ‘hand of God’ goal, has been sold to auctioned for $9.3 million, a record for any sports memorabilia item, Sotheby’s said on Wednesday.
Seven bidders competed for the garment in an auction that began April 20 and ended Wednesday morning, Sotheby’s said.
“This historic jersey is a tangible reminder of an important moment not only in the history of sport, but also in the history of the 20th century,” said Sotheby’s head of streetwear and modern collectibles, Brahm Wachter. , in a press release after the sale.
“This is arguably the most coveted football shirt ever to come to auction, so it’s only fitting that it now holds the auction record for any such item,” he said. .

The shirt belonged to opposing midfielder Steve Hodge, who swapped shirts with Maradona after England lost 2-1.
Hodge, whose autobiography is called ‘The Man in the Maradona Shirt’, has loaned the shirt for the past 20 years for public display at the National Football Museum in Manchester.
The quarter-final showdown became etched in football lore for Maradona’s two goals – one notorious and one sublime – in Mexico City’s seething Aztec Stadium.
The first came shortly after half-time when Hodge, at the edge of the England penalty area, intercepted a pass and returned the ball towards goal.
Maradona, running into the box, got up with England goalkeeper Peter Shilton and kicked the ball into the net. He later said the goal was scored “a bit with Maradona’s head, a bit with the hand of God”.
Soon after, Maradona left five England defenders in his wake before moving past Shilton and heading home for a strike that was voted ‘Goal of the Century’ in a 2002 FIFA poll.
Argentina won the final and Maradona, who died of a heart attack in 2020, became revered in his home country.
Maradona’s daughter cast doubt on the sale earlier this month when she claimed the shirt up for auction was the one her father wore in the scoreless first half, not the second when he scored his two goals.
“This former player thinks he has my father’s second half shirt, but it’s a confusion. He has the first half,” said his daughter Dalma.
Sotheby’s, however, insisted they had the right shirt.
A Sotheby’s spokeswoman told AFP: “There was indeed a different shirt worn by Maradona in the first half, but there are clear differences between this and what was worn in goal. .
“And so, before putting this shirt on sale, we did extensive and scientific research on the article to ensure that it was the shirt worn by Maradona in the second half for both goals.”
The photomatching process involved matching the shirt “to both lenses by looking at unique details on various elements of the item, including the patch, stripes, and numbering.”
He added that Maradona himself acknowledged the provenance of the shirt himself, in his book ‘Touched by God’, and he remembers giving it to Hodge at the end of the game.
The previous record for a jersey worn by a game in any sport was $5.6 million, set in 2019 for a jersey Babe Ruth wore while at the New York Yankees.
The auction record for all sports memorabilia so far was the original autograph manuscript of the 1892 Olympic Manifesto, which sold at Sotheby’s for $8.8 million in December 2019.

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